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I thought it would be interesting to highlight the years when one player won three of the four majors:

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post

1913 World Hardcourt Championships: Anthony Wilding
1913 Wimbledon: Anthony Wilding
1913 US Championships: Maurice McLoughlin
1913 World Covered Court Championships: Anthony Wilding

1921 World Covered Court Championships: William Laurentz
1921 World Hardcourt Championships: Bill Tilden
1921 Wimbledon: Bill Tilden
1921 US Championships: Bill Tilden
Originally Posted by Mustard View Post

1933 Australian Championships: Jack Crawford
1933 French Championships: Jack Crawford
1933 Wimbledon: Jack Crawford
1933 US Championships: Fred Perry

1934 Australian Championships: Fred Perry
1934 French Championships: Gottfried von Cramm
1934 Wimbledon: Fred Perry
1934 US Championships: Fred Perry

1938 Australian Championships: Don Budge
1938 French Championships: Don Budge
1938 Wimbledon: Don Budge
1938 US Championships: Don Budge

1955 Australian Championships: Ken Rosewall
1955 French Championships: Tony Trabert
1955 Wimbledon: Tony Trabert
1955 US Championships: Tony Trabert

1956 Australian Championships: Lew Hoad
1956 French Championships: Lew Hoad
1956 Wimbledon: Lew Hoad
1956 US Championships: Ken Rosewall

1956 French Pro: Tony Trabert
1956 Wembley Pro: Pancho Gonzales
1956 US Pro: Pancho Gonzales
1956 Tournament of Champions: Pancho Gonzales

1958 Australian Championships: Ashley Cooper
1958 French Championships: Mervyn Rose
1958 Wimbledon: Ashley Cooper
1958 US Championships: Ashley Cooper

1962 Australian Championships: Rod Laver
1962 French Championships: Rod Laver
1962 Wimbledon: Rod Laver
1962 US Championships: Rod Laver

1963 French Pro: Ken Rosewall
1963 Wembley Pro: Ken Rosewall
1963 US Pro: Ken Rosewall

1964 Australian Championships: Roy Emerson
1964 French Championships: Manuel Santana
1964 Wimbledon: Roy Emerson
1964 US Championships: Roy Emerson

1967 French Pro: Rod Laver
1967 Wembley Pro: Rod Laver
1967 US Pro: Rod Laver
1967 Wimbledon Pro: Rod Laver
Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
1969 Australian Open: Rod Laver
1969 French Open: Rod Laver
1969 Wimbledon: Rod Laver
1969 US Open: Rod Laver

1974 Australian Open: Jimmy Connors
1974 French Open: Bjorn Borg
1974 Wimbledon: Jimmy Connors
1974 US Open: Jimmy Connors

1988 Australian Open: Mats Wilander
1988 French Open: Mats Wilander
1988 Wimbledon: Stefan Edberg
1988 US Open: Mats Wilander

2004 Australian Open: Roger Federer
2004 French Open: Gaston Gaudio
2004 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
2004 US Open: Roger Federer

2006 Australian Open: Roger Federer
2006 French Open: Rafael Nadal
2006 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
2006 US Open: Roger Federer

2007 Australian Open: Roger Federer
2007 French Open: Rafael Nadal
2007 Wimbledon: Roger Federer
2007 US Open: Roger Federer

2010 Australian Open: Roger Federer
2010 French Open: Rafael Nadal
2010 Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal
2010 US Open: Rafael Nadal

2011 Australian Open: Novak Djokovic
2011 French Open: Rafael Nadal
2011 Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic
2011 US Open: Novak Djokovic
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