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Originally Posted by WhiskeyEE View Post
Roger's has been consistently high AND he has 3 93+% win seasons. The fact that he took a few extra years to develop into a top player doesn't mean much. Fed has won 88% of his matches since 2003. That's a nine and a half year period. That's disgustingly consistent. His average over the last 9.5 years pretty much equals Nadal's best year.

Even old man 2011 Federer with zero slams managed an 84% win percentage. Nadal's lack of an elite season shows that he never really dominated the entire tour.

In 2010, his best year, he didn't win a single non-clay masters title. Like I said, clay GOAT, not overall GOAT.

I'm not surprised but was not aware of bold part.

His record at the end of 2003 was 236-110... 68.20%
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