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Originally Posted by nadal_slam_king View Post
Over the next 5 years I think Nadal will focus on clay all-year round (the South American clay events). There is no logic behind submitting to the most injury-inflicting surface that is hardcourt when you are getting toward age 30. And every player stops caring about their ranking at some point. That is when Nadal will not care about the hardcourt masters events. Mandatory, but still able to be skipped. Definitely I see him skipping the indoor season, and skip Indian Wells/Miami. Still play Canada/Cincy/US Open/AO but no other hardcourt events. More clay events, South American season. Overall W/L record will therefore stay the same or slightly improve.
That would be GREAT!!

The less we see of Nadal the better, and he'd just be giving away all those HC and grass slams to Djokovic then, and Djokovic could easily rack up as many slams as Nadal in that case.

What would make your scenario even funnier would be if Nadal got knocked out of those clay tournaments by some on fire Berdych/Murray/Djokovic/Davydenko type and didn't even manage to win those clay titles he banked on winning and skipped the entire rest of the year in favor of!!
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