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Default How many knots?

I just received my Gamma X2, and I'm planning on stringing my first racquet in the morning.

While I was cutting off the broken strings from one of my racquets, I noticed that there were 2 knots in 1 quarter of the frame. I noticed this because I had a tough time removing those strings because they were both knotted to another piece of string that shared grommets with both of them, and I had to cut the string from the outside. I didn't notice how many knots there were in total as I had no problem removing the rest of the strings, but I'm assuming there were another 2 near the head of my frame. However, compared to my other racquet strung by TW, I noticed that there were only 2 knots, one near the head and the other near the throat, diagonally facing each other.

So what I'm wondering is, did my stringer do a bad job with the racquet? Or could this be due to a different stringing style? The strings that I cut were from a ncode six one 95, and I was comparing it to k six one 95 and dunlop aerogel 4D 200 tours, all 16x18 stringing pattern.
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