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Originally Posted by tnnisfan View Post
Thanks again everyone! If I get grounds passes am I able to just wander around the outside courts and watch matches or is a separate ticket required for each court? Is Armstrong a better stadium for a big match? Also, do they announce who will be on the practice courts or do you just "get lucky" with whom you see? I have a few favorites I would like to stalk, uh, I mean watch.
A grounds pass gets you in everywhere, except for AA Stadium. That means all the outside courts, the Grandstand, and Louis Armstrong. Plus the recently built-up Court 17. All seats are first-come, first-serve.

They'll put some big names on Armstrong, but the Grandstand (to me) provides for a richer experience. Less seats, more intimate.

I'll say you just get lucky with who's practicing. Life is like a box of chocolates, no?
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