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Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
Not exactly sure how Memphis or other state colleges budget their athletic programs, but unless they are funded entirely by alumni donations or match tickets etc - which is unlikely either way, they must be using taxpayer money.
No the tennis alumni built the stadium, pays the coaches salary, pays for travel expenses & pays for the scholarships.

Former non-americans on tennis scholaraships started Sun Records, invented Memphis style BBQ & founded Fed you see it's much better to give the scholarship to a 21 y/o Euro freshman (who couldn't hack it in the Euro pros) than to an 18 y/o from Nashville or Memphis.

You really need to get with the program. The tennis stadiums wouldn't be so full & we wouldn't have the lucrative college tennis TV contracts, so we can watch every weekend......without the 22 y/o sophomore non-americans on the court.


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