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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Yeah he's been given the 97 tour selling job.....still the 95 tho eh.

It also looks like the wide tk57 pallets.....bugger wish i had them. (Maybe not the front one looks narrower)

Yonex leather too. Is that tape around the buttcap to protect or flare cap a touch??

Great find!

Looks like there's some lead tape along the sides too

Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^Nice find Meaghs!
Good call about the pallets, wonder if this is the new yonex leather grip?
Yup, if you look closely, you can read the "yonex" and see their icon.

Originally Posted by donnygg View Post
Are those 95D's specs? I'm surprised they are so stiff as TW measured them at 63

You have to remember that these frames are brand spanking new out of the box unstrung and never been hit. The stiffness will naturally be higher. Once they get strung it'll drop a bit and after a week of hitting they should settle. I'll take readings later on too.

Most of the frames I've measured recently are all slightly stiffer than what they claim; not quite 6 points stiffer but 2-3 points, yeah
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Yonex 95D
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