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Default Wilson Spin Cycle 16L

String: Wilson Spin Cycle 16L
Frame(s): Yonex Vcore 98D
Tension: 50 Constant pull

This stuff is a true anomoly to me. I unwound the set and it literally was linear. I could take this stuff and lay it out from one end of my friends' store to the other and it would sit in a straight line. No coils, no nothing. I was so happy and so psyched to string it...then I strung it. Those infernal twists corscrew around one another and it is a royal PITA to have to stop, unwind them, and make sure it doesn't happen again. Aside from that, it's perfectly fine to string. Terrible sound when fanning crosses

I've played this string twice now in a PS 6.1 95 and in the 98D and I have to say I was a bit surprised and underwhelmed at the 98D's performance. The reason I chose to string this stuff is becuase I could literally feel it gripping in the 6.1 95. Not so much in the Yonex. For my personal taste, there is definitely a necessary break-in time to this string. The first few hits left me wondering if I did something wrong since the last string I played in this frame was becker bomber (a very neutral poly). After about 30 mins of hitting it settled a lot better. Even better yet was after letting it sit in my 88 degree car (oops). Having said that, Spin is still good though. I'd say that the biggest advantage to this string lies in creating angles. That whippy, diagonal-ish, shot when trying to hook a ball does pretty nasty things. Slices are favorable here too, when you drive the ball, it sticks to the court but buyer beware; at this tension it's really, really easy to make that ball fly and float.

Volleys: about average here for volleys. Nothing special, and nothing really negative to report about. I really can't think of anything that stands out in my mind.

This is where I found this string to be even more strange. If you really wind up and into a kick serve, the ball does really, really, silly things. I mean, you can see the lateral gyration of the ball while it's spinning through the air. Unfortunately, this extra "hang time" gives players time to lock onto the ball. My buddy, while noting that the ball was spinning ridiculously, said that it really wasn't "effective." "Pretty," but manageable after he got a look at it once or twice. Slowing down the mph and really cutting into the ball produces an effective slice out wide. By the same margin, someone who really likes to create the short angle out wide on their serve may enjoy this string.

So far so good. I played a very casual 1.5-2 hrs with these strings so far and I don't see any significant notching to speak of. Tension has dropped a bit (especially after the heat of the car) and has made the stringbed more playable (for me, at least).Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to see this playest through the death of the strings becuase I'm enjoying the 95D too much and have to give this one back. Oh well, not a bad compromise. I'm not too sure I would play this string again though. It was interesting but ultimately didn't stand out in any way that the Tourna line doesn't already cover.

Groundstrokes: 3.5-4/5
Serves: ~4/5
Volleys: 3.5/5
Spin: 4/5 -sometimes a bit silly
Power: 3.5-4/5 about average
Comfort: 4/5
Tension: N/A -definitely better after the break in period
Durability: N/A

Another note: strings look a sickly white-- definitely don't jive with the vibrant red of the Vcores

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