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Default Luxilon Savage Black

String: Luxilon Savage black
Frame(s): Yonex Vcore 95D
Tension: 48

No issues at 48 but this string feels particularly "plasticky." I was a bit surprised at Lux. Normally their strings are stiff but usually not plasticky. If I'm remembering correctly, the string physically feels pretty "hard" too. I'll double check once I get home from work to make sure.

While I can't really grudge this string, I can't laud it either. It plays about average for a poly. Decent spin, decent control on flat strokes. Comfort is good but the feel of the stringbed is not quite to my liking. I can tell that I'm hitting with a polyester It feels rather plasticky. What I wasn't happy with is the shift in response from the string. Despite being a co-poly, this string has a marketed change in the way it hits. Of all the polys I've strung this way and tried recently, this is the only one that I can truly say has "died." Hitting tonight was very difficult because I simply could not "find" the range of my strokes. If the ball is hit harder/ with spin, the strings respond slightly better because you can use the pace to your advantage but I found that I simply couldn't play against one of my backboard team-mates because I couldn't adjust/ get the feedback I needed. Strokes that were struck nicely and felt good-- shots and angles that you rely on when you play a jackrabbit-wall-- were just going out. The same went for my serve. All this at the 3-4hr mark? no thank you. Other strings have changed on me but ultimately it was just a matter of adapting or they popped. These, not so much.

Decent response. I would venture to say that there's a bit of an unpredictable pop as the strings settle in. I found myself erring on the side of caution and snapping down instead of trying to drive the ball as deep in the court as I could. Can't complain though. Nice response on emergency shots too.

At first, I felt like a God serving with these strings. I was able to adjust, dial in, and go. Any mistakes I made on my first serve, I was able to correct to put even more juice or spin on my second serve. My team captain went so far as to call the sound of the strings "unholy" because if I would hit the ball flat, it would sound like the racquet were fragmenting and splintering into pieces. Tonight, starting with the 2-2.5 hr mark, the strings felt entirely different. Granted, I didn't have a great serving night but there was no veritable feedback from the strings. Normally, I rely on the feedback/ predictability of the strings to correct my errors so that I can keep a high mph serve going. Not the case here. @ the 3 hour mark, these strings held nothing for me. 1st serves were spraying, average second serves were deep from inches to a foot-- Not something I'm used to.

Not happy. the strings haven't popped but they're definitely notched and 1.5 of the ~4 hours was some very VERY lazy and slow doubles. The change in playability and feedback is simply not acceptable. This may be a cut-job.

Groundstrokes: 3.5/5
Serves: 3.5/5
Volleys: 4/5
Spin: 3.5/5 It doesn't last
Power: 4/5
Comfort: 3.5/5 Comfortable but the "feel" is very off.
Tension: 3.0/5 Loss of tension is expected-- disconnect, isn't
Durability: N/A

Really a disappointing play. I've had the set lying around forever and haven't gotten around to trying it. I'm glad I didn't lose any sleep over it. At 12.00, I really don't see this as being a value. Adrenaline, in my opinion, played better for cheaper. If the string managed to hold the properties, I would say it's not half bad but for my personal playing style, the disconnect in feedback is simply unacceptable. Since I don't have wicked racquet head speed, I NEED the feedback and control from the strings to adjust my game when playing slow paced/ backboard tennis. Savage simply didn't have it.
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