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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
A true clay court great, Kuerten, when only moderately heallthy, exposed a peak Federer for being out of his element on clay. It's not that complicated. Federer's game just isn't that effective against a genuine clay court specialist. Your implied conclusion that great groundstrokes require greatness on clay is misguided. IMO, Federer had the best overall ground game in the history of tennis. But, on clay, he is made to look bad against another great ground gamer who specialized on clay.

See for yourself. Note that Kuerten was only a shell of his former clay court greatness in this match:
That wasn't my conclusion at all. I was just pointing out how everyone, including the guys you pal around with in this forum, were baffled by Sampras' appearance on a groundstroke GOAT list. Hilarious. Your ratings involving Federer are exclusionary while with Sampras, inclusionary.
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