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Originally Posted by Carsomyr View Post
Indeed, it is a record. It is also evidence of how many clay tournaments Vilas won without Borg in the draw: 39, in fact. Only six of the former's titles came when Borg was in the draw. While some of these tournaments were nevertheless prestigious, a great deal of them would be classifiable as "Mickey Mouse" events. It would be like Federer racking up clay titles in (today's) Hamburg or Kitzbuhel.
"Mickey Mouse events" doesn' mean anything. It's impossible to say "mickey mouse event" just because Borg wasn't there. Vilas won these tournaments on clay beating in final Orantes, Connors, Nastase, Panatta, Gottfried, Fibak, Ramirez, Kodes, Lendl, Higueras, Noah, Clerc, Leconte .... Mickey Mouse ??
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