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String: L-Tec 0s/4s
Frame(s): YouTek Radical Pro
Tension: 48

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary here-- since I've been stringing all poly with the published "Jet-Jaycee" method, I figured it would be befitting to do so again here. Conveniently, this is the "prescribed" method of stringing for this company.

It's definitely nice to have the extra length to this string-- I think it's a great thing for companies to do this, even if you end up cutting off the extra so as to not encumber stringing. My first reaction to this string was, "Holy cow, it's hard." Even snipping the ends to facilitate stringing through grommets takes "effort." I use the term effort becuase my clippers cut through pretty much everything by barely touching them-- this stuff is hard enough for me to notice. If I had to venture a guess, this is where the "extended life" comes from. I noticed particularly with Boris Becker Bomber, that the strings are highly resistant to notching becuase of forementioned "hardness." L-tec blows Bomber out of the water with regards to this. The upside is that the strings do slide into place nicely becuase of it.
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