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Phew, that was a lot of catch-up to do.

Some more on what's been going on. I bought and started playing with the Yonex Vcore 95Ds. Very nice, stable frames. They do play very similarly to my YT Rad Pros but with the added benefit of a little more comfort, a tighter string bed, and a monster 1hbh.

My first playtest was with Yonex 850P. Here are my thoughts:

String: Yonex 850P
Frame: Yonex Vcore 95D
Tension: 59lbs constant pull

Normally, I'm not a fan of multi at all. Personally I think it's a terrible cross for poly hybrids but some are tolerable in full beds. I think 850P is one of those.

Groundstrokes: 850P is a fairly low powered multi. It hits decently off the baseline but you won't find any freebies here. Especially in this frame, you'll have to work to hit the ball deeply and with pace. Spin isn't anything to brag about but hitting flat feels solid and comfortable. The stability of the frame contributes quite a bit to this too. For those who feel that they have to string at high tensions but want accompanying comfort; this is a solid bet.

The stringbed feels rather dead to me so hitting volleys is fairly easy. Deadening an opponent's pace is great but if you're not careful the volleys can turn into sitters to be put away. Not my favorite but certainly not terrible.

Spin serves are severely underwhelming in comparison to hitting with poly but that's no surprise. Control is solid and it's pretty easy to place the ball. Flat serves are the target for this string: Dial in your serve and pound away.

Durability and tension:
Not terrible. I hit with these casually for about 3 hours and didn't have any issues. The strings kindof stick to each other and you have to put them back in place. I didn't notice any real tension loss from my first play to my last but then again, I wasn't really paying too too much attention. As for durability-- I'm not too sure. Since I don't play multi, I can't give you an accurate assessment of how these will decompose. What I could notice is that there's definite stress on the strings: they're turning very ghosty and white at the intersections of cross and main. Some small fuzzies coming off but nothing patently noticable

I can't give these a fair numerical assessment because I didn't give them a whole-hearted effort but from what I saw, it wasn't terrible. I suppose there's hope for multi!
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