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Federer doesn't belong on the list. But for Nadal's bad knees, Soderling would never had eliminated him in 2009, and Ralph would have, yet, another win in a major final against Federer. Nastase, on the other hand, should be much higher on the list near Vilas. He was a master clay court player.
I think Federer was ranked about right. Around where Muster and Courier are. I put all three about the same level overall on clay. Courier in 92 and Muster in 95-96 were way better but didnt mantain that level or close to it very long, so overall they come out fairly even. Federer has excellent longevity and consistency on clay, and a ton of FO finals, even though benefiting from the really weak clay era of today (as does Nadal to a much lesser extent).

It is hard to say Federer isnt superior to Agassi on clay, and Agassi at #23 (to Federer's #1 was also about right IMO.
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