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Originally Posted by rlau View Post
Hi Auto, how many frames do you have and how different are they spec-wise?
Not mine and not this particular model.
But he bought 2 and they differed greatly.

8g, 3 balance points and 5mm in length (we checked this on an unstrung frame). He just returned the frames.

Another friend who bought a Silver Lite model wanted to get a second one and he couldn't - another quality control failure.

What I like about Donnay is the Xenecore filling, though I wouldn't go as far as to state that it is any better than full foam filled frames.

Also the string spacing on many models is quite open and feels quite nice - spin wise. I'm not a fan of the Volkl PCP.

What I don't like is their crazy politics - frequent frame change, though I think that the direction they took with the newer frames is good. Although I regret they don't offer any more headlight extended frames.

I had great hopes for some of their frames but none of them really amazed me. They were from okay to bleeh so to speak.

As I wrote, I'm hoping to test drive this model in May but I'm more fascinated by the yet to be released Yonex Vcore Tour 97.

To tell you the truth if it wasn't for such a great poster as suppawat I would really just stop reading anything about Donnay.
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