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Originally Posted by hound 109 View Post
No the tennis alumni built the stadium, pays the coaches salary, pays for travel expenses & pays for the scholarships.

Former non-americans on tennis scholaraships started Sun Records, invented Memphis style BBQ & founded Fed you see it's much better to give the scholarship to a 21 y/o Euro freshman (who couldn't hack it in the Euro pros) than to an 18 y/o from Nashville or Memphis.

You really need to get with the program. The tennis stadiums wouldn't be so full & we wouldn't have the lucrative college tennis TV contracts, so we can watch every weekend......without the 22 y/o sophomore non-americans on the court.

Similar to the silicon valley H1-B visa agruments (even if you may be just being sarcastic

And easy Pal! We know you're joking, but please don't mess with the Fedex founder dude ~ who is an outstanding retired Marine. Semper Fi!

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