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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
Ole Miss one time didnt host even though they were #2 in the nation. Texas Tech didnt host and had to go to Oklahoma who they beat 3 times that year. brain-numbing decisions
I found the guidelines for hosting last year - I assume it's the same for this year:

First- and Second-Round Site Selections
The Division I Tennis Committee will select the first- and second-round sites from the pool of institutions that have completed the facility evaluation and key contact forms. Bylaw 31.1.3 prescribes the five primary criteria in site selection:
• Quality and availability of facility and other necessary accommodations;
• Revenue potential;
• Attendance history and potential;
• Geographical location; and
• Championships operating costs.
In keeping with the Division I philosophy that top-seeded teams should be allowed the opportunity to host preliminary-round competition, any Top 16-seeded institution that has submitted the necessary paperwork to host and meets the minimum criteria established by the committee for hosting, should be able to serve as a host for the first and second-rounds. If a No. 1-16 seed has not submitted the necessary paperwork to host first- and second-round competition or does not meet the facility requirements as outlined by the committee, then the committee will select an unseeded institution to host, based on the general site selection criteria. Institutions are encouraged to submit bids to host first- and second-round competition even if they are not among the highestseeded teams.
Each institution interested in hosting first- and second-round competition, regardless of seed, must complete and submit an online facility evaluation and key contact forms not later than Tuesday, April 26. Instructions on how to access and submit the form will be sent to directors of athletics. Hard copies of the form no longer will be distributed.
Only institutions that complete and submit the facility evaluation and key contact forms will be considered for first- and second-round host opportunities, including the topseeded teams.
It is not necessary to complete a proposed budget form for first- and second-round competition. Each first- and second-round host will receive a $4,500 stipend if they host men or women’s competition, and an $8,000 stipend if they host both the men’s and women’s tournaments.
Please note that the committee has adopted the following requirements for first- and second-round host sites:
• Minimum of six hard-surface, quality courts of similar speed and surface with umpires’ chairs;
• Adequate number of practice courts of same or similar surface to the competitioncourts near the competition site;
• Availability of backup indoor site (if appropriate for your region);
• Appropriate seating for estimated attendance;
• Minimum of six USTA-certified umpires plus one head referee;
• Adequate training facilities and medical personnel on site at all times;
• Tournament director (other than the institution’s head coach) and appropriate game management personnel;
• Two squeegees and two blowers available at each competition court;
• Hotels (22 for single gender sites and 43 for dual-gender sites) secured 30 miles or 30 minutes, whichever is less, from the competition site; and
• Hosts must fax a letter of agreement between the host and the team hotel(s) to the NCAA stating that rooms are being held. Failure to provide the letter of agreement may jeopardize your selection as a host. Failure to secure the minimum number of as a host in the future.
In an effort to enhance the student-athlete experience at the first- and secondrounds of competition, the tennis committee has implemented the following additional requirements for hosting:
• Hosts shall provide a players’ lounge area with refreshments.
• Hosts shall provide either a digital copy or hard copy (minimum of 5x7) team
photo memento for every member of the travel party, with an NCAA banner in the background.
• Hosts shall ensure that Event 1 merchandise is displayed appropriately.
• Hosts shall ensure NCAA signage is displayed properly.
• Hosts shall follow protocol provided by the NCAA for the introduction of players.
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