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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
Ole Miss did not host because their home site did not meet the NCAA requirements for back up courts and/or facilities.

There are also economic factors that go into the decision of who hosts. What was Texas Tech ranked last year? Pretty much the top 12 will get host sites (except for reasons like Ole Miss not getting to host). 13-16 will host unless there are reasons such as being too expensive to fly to, with other teams in the general area also hosting a site, etc. That changed about 4 years ago when the economy got worse.
The people at Ole Miss were stunned they didn't host, they even had shirts made to give to fans. I actually have one of those shirts. It's hard to believe that they were blindsided by their facilities short-comings.

I think they moved it to Norman strictly for Wichita State because the othe rteam in the reagion was a Texas team.
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