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Originally Posted by joe sch View Post
These are all I have for the Prince rackets:

Prince Boron Longbody 338/11.92/58/338
Prince CTS Lightning 110 355/12.52/63/333
Prince Graphite Pro 110 351/12.38/49/335
Prince Graphite Tour 321/11.32/72/341
Prince Mono 349/12.31/62/326
Prince Precision Graphite 640 360/12.70/61/332
Prince Spectrum Comp 90 368/12.98/67/345
Prince Woodie 376/13.26/35/335

Maybe Dino has some additional stats ? Would be nice to get some more the the Prince graphites ...
thanks, i think Virgina said the specs for the spectrum are close to the tricomp.
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