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Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
You're welcome to point out what's wrong with the logic.
-- I doubt you can anyway.

Any citizen who has concerns about how our government spendings are spent are welcome to discuss with our elected officials, so I don't see anything wrong.

But PPle-ase... quit picking on poster's mispelling or oral-style grammar on a message board, you expect people to submit stuff here for nobel literature prize considerations??

BTW, if our state senators pick on his/her voters gramma/spelling like you do, he/she won't be long in his/her office.
I think your state senators will not be in office very long if they vote to ban/limit athletic scholarships for persons from out-of-state.

Can't prove it, but I believe fat cat donors to state college athletic programs are core political contributors as well.

I wonder if a state senator who proposes to make State U less competitive in athletics compared to other limiting athletic scholarships to in-state kids....would be getting many checks from fat cat athletic department donors
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