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The last obstacle to me saying I do to the Pro 1 for the next decade is the Prince Warrior. I played with many Prince racquets growing up so there is a nostalgia factor there. Plus the warrior may be a little more forgiving when I'm not at my best. We'll see. Had a USTA dubs match tonight and crushed the opposition. The P1 performed beautifully. That was not the case 2 weeks ago when my partner and I got mauled. I could not wield it with confidence and authority cuz I was tired going into the match. That led me to think an 11oz racquet would serve me better because with work/kids/work at home I'm often tired when I get to go play. Tonight reaffirms why I chose it and why it will be hard for another racquet to beat it. Power & precision where on. I'll see where the warrior stacks up in comparison.
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