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Originally Posted by kengan View Post
So I finished stringing my first racquet, spent the last 4 hours in my basement. Half of that were probably spent on watching videos and making mistakes starting out the main. I watched this video of yours Irvin and got lost at 1:40, when I removed the starting clamp. The bar wouldn't go down when I removed the starting clamp, so the tension must have been already too high (or maybe I put the floating clamp too close to the frame?), even though I seemed to have done exactly what you did in that video up to that point.
At the end of it, there were just so many videos out there and they were probably too much for a beginner like me to comprehend. I decided to just skip the starting clamp method that people used and stuck with the floating clamps. I think I did okay but I do have a couple of concerns that came up. When doing crosses, I stuck with over-under-over-under for the whole string bed. I realized that if I did with crosses every time, the crosses would also alternate over-under along the mains. But when I reached the bottom, I think at the 2nd last cross, I had to go under-over in order to keep the alternating over-under crosses along the mains. And the other concern was after the last cross, how do I keep the tension from escaping? It seems almost impossible to get the floating clamp on the last 2 crosses while I tie the knot at 11B.
Stick with the starting clamp, trust me--your string jobs with the X2 will be much more consistent. The tensioning bar doesn't have to drop when you release the starting clamp, or even after you clamp/reclamp the floating clamp closest to the starting clamp.

For the last cross, I use a scrap piece of string to clamp instead of the next to last string. The distance is usually too far to clamp the last 2 strings. Use a starting clamp and learn a pro knot, this knot will take out most slack in the last string.
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