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Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
State senate. NOT U.S. Senate:

(Tennesse is Republican land traditionally, so should not be a problem

It's not quite a federal level issue yet, unless it is dealing with immigration issues.

BTW, I am an independent voter and considered myself a moderate liberal or moderate conservative depends on issues.
The NCAA is the governing body. If you want to take the issue up with your state legislature in regards to your state's schools...knock your socks off. I would assume you'll get heavy push back from athletic departments, presidents, and liberal politicians. You are basically asking them to accept a competitive disadvantage mandate against the rest of the country's schools. Limiting the recruiting pool to yourself when others have an unlimited pool of candidates.

This country loves the underdog, but I can't envision this being successful just because Johnny down the street didn't get to play tennis at State U. Frankly, if it was impacting football (maybe basketball) you'd have a better shot.
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