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Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
No, I won't propose limiting scholarships to all out-of-state players, just non-US citizens. Period.

Example: Memphis hoop is doing pretty well without those crazy tall Euro centers

If EVERYBODY is not allowed more than 2 or 3 international players, this will actually level the play field a bit for those not-so-rich state schools who can't afford that many of these scholarships.

I am pretty certain that there are NOT many "fat-cat donors" who care about their college tennis programs AND wants to keep international players THAT much that will get ****ed off by this - Not even for Memphis, I checked

Football maybe, but we got no Euro football players, Aussie kickers are good but are really not necessities
If your proposal is to limit only the number of athletic scholarships granted to foreigners, but not to out-of-staters, then your state tax argument is eviscerated.

A scholarship for someone holding a non-US passport costs a school the same as a scholy for a person from out-of-state.

So there would need to be a new rationale. Nationalism? Protection from foreign (tennis) competition? The future of US tennis?

You'll need something to persuade Republican governors such as Rick Perry of Texas and Bill Haslam of Tennessee....and their respective legislatures........ to want to make the Longhorns and Volunteers/Tigers, respectively, less competitive.

(No disrespect for Texas or Tennessee suggested or implied, these are just two of many possible hypothetical examples)

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