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Default Exploring ATW on X-2 (Flying Clamps, Starting clamp, and Starting pin)

My first stringing with the Gamma X-2 (my good racquet, two piece) went so well I decided to learn to string ATW on an old racquet I have (Head TI Radical OS), and use up one of the free string sets that came with the machine.

Irvin had posted several short (and long) side ATW methods, one of which I adapted to make a short side ATW with flying clamps, a starting clamp, and a starting pin.

=== choosing short side length ===

Irvin had given a tip on short side length (for a different racquet) of "short side + 3'" which came out to 12.5' for my case. Since this is an oversize 18x19, I decided to go with 10 head to throat lengths plus two cross lengths instead which came out to 13' 3". (This turned out to be a good length.)

=== the method ===
I chose to use the Gamma Asterisk 16 spin (a shaped multifilament), which proved a bit of a problem clamping initially. My Gamma starting clamp held well, and the first clamp held the first long side pull ok, but when I went back to pull the first short side, I heard the string slip in the flying clamp. I put the starting clamp back on, and re tensioned the long side first pull, setting the flying clamp a few clicks tighter. This made the cam action much harder to work, but the clamp held after that.

I finished the "inner 8 mains on both sides" and put the starting clamp on the short side.

Next I ran in the 2nd and 3rd crosses with the long side leaving a bit of string under the transition from long side main to 2nd cross, and leaving a pulling loop between the 2nd and 3rd cross.

I inserted my homemade "string starting pin" in the first cross from the short side, then tensioned and clamped the 2nd cross.

Next I finished the crosses down to the next to last cross, then pulled that cross +5 lbs and tied it off.

Inspecting that tied off (but not cut off) cross, I realized I totally forgot to weave it. I was astounded how that could have happened, but re-applied a clamp and untied it slowly and carefully. After weaving it properly and pulling tension, I retied it, thinking how lucky I was to have spotted that before trimming it.

Moving on, I re-pulled the short side to remove the starting clamp main and re-clamped with a flying clamp. (I guess I could have used the flying clamp from the beginning instead of the starting clamp, but I felt more confident about the starting clamp holding while I did the crosses.)

Next I threaded the short side outer main (leaving a piece of string under the loop to ease first cross later), and threaded the bottom cross leaving enough loop to tension the short side main.

I tensioned that short side main, and then threaded the long side main.

Next I tensioned that bottom cross, and then threaded the top cross (using the scrap string piece to move the main-to-cross string to access the hole) again leaving enough loop to reach and wrap the jaws.

I tensioned that long side main, and then pulled the excess from the top cross.

Lastly, I tensioned that top cross +5 lbs, tied it off, trimmed the excess from the knots, and removed the racquet.

---measuring string factor---

Using the excess long side string, I ran a loop around both turntable posts over the racquet adapters and put both ends in the jaws and tensioned to 60 lbs (30 lbs in each). (Passing the string on both sides of the near post keeps the posts aligned with the jaw, so it is stable.)

I pushed on each string a bit, and pushed on each string next to the jaws with the idea that might help overcome the friction going across the frame adapter somewhat. I measured the length of string between the ridges of the frame adapters, and entered the length and 30 lbs into RacquetTune to get a "measured string factor". The string factor came out 1.58 versus 1.50 from the diameter with generic SynGut/nylon/multi setting gave. The measured factor gave a RacquetTune tension reading 2.5 lbs higher (57.6) than the generic string factor gave (55.1).

The string bed tension absolute value is not really useful at first, unless it is the 2nd or more stringing with the same racquet, string, reference Tension, and pattern, then perhaps the values can be compared as relative.

Since this is a new everything but reference tension, the measurement value is for curiosity interest only, and indeed since it is a different string than my usual, even the relative tension loss cannot really be compared to my usual string loss percent.

== Admiring my result - oops ==

All that out of the way, I turned to admiring my 2nd stringing job, but discovered I had missed a weave on the last cross, and then discovered I missed a second weave a bit south of the sweet spot. Glad it was just for practice and with free string.

I think being a structured multi made it harder to weave the crosses than my usual string was for my first stringing, there was so much friction the snaking action only worked for five or six strings.

Total time 2 hrs 20 mins from bringing the machine out to final tie off.
Aero Storm Tour, TNT FatCore 17 at 60 lbs, Gamma X-2 and Starting clamp
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