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Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
Being a newbie at stringing, I watched videos and they said when starting mains, do not go more than 2-ahead on each side. So starting from the middle, I'd string 3 mains on the left then 3 mains on the right and so on. I am doing 2-piece.

Now when I bring up the AeroPro drive stringing instructions, it shows to string the entire left side first! Is this just for 1-piece or does this rule apply for 2-piece also? Confused....
That's a new one on me, neighbor! The only time I've seen that recommendation is on a 'one-clamp' machine. Even back in the '70s, we only started 4-5 mains off center and swept across the mains to the other side, came back and finished off the remaining mains...and THAT was with a single overhead clamp mated with a fixed 'starting clamp'.

I'd say most of my stringing over the years has been two mains on one side, four on the other, back to the original side with 4 more, only two ahead at any point. Early on, I often installed four mains on one side initially, in order to set the two power pads in place before switching to the other side, but, unless the world has changed drastically, I wouldn't use the indicated sequence from your guide.(I could be wrong IF there is some crazy new law of physics that slipped by me )

'bugger, what part of this big ole state are you in?

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