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LOL. He just burned 80% of this forum .

Well some companies do make sticks specced to pro levels, but they are so hard to use by most people that they do not sell that well.

Perfect example is the Sampras KPS88. Amazing racquet. Very solid, with great feel. Also very very tough to use on a regular basis and did not sell well, even though by most people's standards it is a top tier racquet.

Even Fed's K90 is a demanding stick, and most people buying it because of Fed are hampering their game.

Djokers stick would be out of the realm for most people. Folks like us on here would probably buy one just for fun and honeymoon it, but in the end find it too demanding.

The Pure Drive Roddick is indeed specced rather close to ARod's preferences, but the swing weight is not as high, and the weight is 339 instead of 345. That is the best selling "pro" frame because it is the easiest to use.

I think a frame that would sell like hotcakes would be a Rafa signature areo pro drive. Like the roddick, it is a lighter stick for a pro and many of us could use it. Rafa's flex is a little lower because he flexes his sticks out after a few months. It would be cool if they recreated that.

But anyway, to use what the pros use would be too demanding. You have to be in prime condition and most likely taking a few "supplements" as well.

If you want sticks that pros actually use, the Babolats are the way to go. Jack Sock uses the retail Aero Storm. Tsonga uses an APDC plus with lead, tons of pros use Pure Storms and Roddicks just leaded up, and many use the Pure Storm Tour (pete sampras).
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