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Loved the article. Thanks for posting the link.

Interesting that he's added mass to the throat. I think that the
biggest issue with the YT Prestige is the tiny sweetspot which he
mentioned. I guess that it's even an issue for pro players. It can be
easily fixed with some lead at 3/9 but I think that most pros go with
a polarized setup and skip the 3/9 because they can hit the sweet spot
so well.

> Perfect example is the Sampras KPS88. Amazing racquet. Very solid,
> with great feel. Also very very tough to use on a regular basis and
> did not sell well, even though by most people's standards it is a
> top tier racquet.

A lot of the pros use racquets with even higher, in some cases,
much, much higher, than the KPS88.

> Even Fed's K90 is a demanding stick, and most people buying it because
> of Fed are hampering their game.

Yup, saw those at the club being used by beginners - they had trouble
getting the ball across the net.
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