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^^This is just a preference for me but I only like to do ATW on rackets that skip two holes (cross holes) in the head and the throat. If there is only one whole skipped the string that will connect the outside main to the cross is on a very short distance of the frame. I don't know that it always matter but it is possible that tension being pulled on the cross could damage the frame. The more surface area on the frame there is to span the greater the frame can support the pull on the cross. For instance at the bottom the outside main string goes over one cross hole and one main hole grommet before it goes to the bottom cross. At the top of the racket I like to string the top cross first then the second but I have fixed clamps and that is easy to do. with flying clamps you have the issue of the short section of the frame again going from the outside main to the second cross so you can clamp the cross easily.
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