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Originally Posted by roysid View Post
So it's respectful for Nadal and Murray to stay in their own country and pay good amount of taxes.

Murray is a miser anyway so for him it doesn't matter. And Rafa- there was some report of him not paying taxes.

I wonder what Federer's tax statement would be. He stays half the the time in Dubai. Does he pay tax there too
Re Nadal: he pays Spanish taxes. He got into some trouble because he'd set up a bunch of companies in the Basque region which has special tax breaks but a govt investigation later concluded the businesses didn't have enough community ties to deserve the breaks - Nadal has relocated the companies to Mallorca and paid the extra money the tax authorities requested.

Fed: Dubai has no income tax. Fed is a swiss resident and pays tax as a swiss. Like United States tax rate can vary depending on where you live and the neighborhood where Fed lives has pretty low rates compared to other regions.
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