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Originally Posted by Wikky View Post
Loved the 5000 when i strung on it last summer, had a problem with one of the clamp bases slipping but i'm sure it was just dirty and needed to be tightened. Gotta love the easy two point mounting system though.
Tightening the clamp base is one of the few troubleshooting tips in the manual(use the supplied 3mm T-wrench)
No clue about the interface in the back, and ours came with a different pedestal than the one in the manual.
Better, actually. Has a height adjustment crank.
My first run with the machine was, alas, with a Head i165 raqcquetball racquet.
Everything was nice except that the little,magnetic pad on the clamp came loose.
after I worked it back into place, every thing went fine except that it was an i165. Sigh.
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