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Originally Posted by Tshooter View Post
"beat Agassi at both the 1998 US Open"

That match was played over two days (rain delay) and it was memorable.

Agassi was acting like a real jerk most of that match (which he was prone to do before his kissing the crowd image makeover) imitating KKs aborted serve toss.

Agassi also pulled out the moonball during set four, which you don't see much these days. It and the imitating started to annoy KK. Most people thought when Agassi came back and won the fourth on day 1, he was going to win the match. But KK came out day two and broke pretty early as I recall.

And KK did play like Mecir.
He imitated his toss because Kucera had this annoying habit of constantly tossing the ball for his serve letting it drop without serving and then "apologizing" for it.
Chris Evert: "[Monica] then really got cheated out of a lot of Grand Slams. She was really dominating women's tennis, dominating Steffi Graf."
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