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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly
This is actually quite normal. It is a matter of convergence. Most of the time our eyes both focus and converge at the same distance. If we look at an object in the distance, our eyes will probably converge for that distant object. Objects that are much closer than that distant object may appear as an unfocused "double" image. On the other hand, if we close-converge, then objects in the distance may appear double.
With the eye dominance test that we've suggested in previous posts, try adjusting your eyes to change your focus/convergence to minimize the double image problem. Your other option is either to change the size of your viewing window or change the distance of your window from your eyes to try to minimize the double image effect.
Thanks for the reply. I tried to change the window size and the distance.
I realized that when I look at a distant object, I can see it well only when the window is quite large and/or the distance of it from my eyes is quite short.
In this case, when I close my right eye, the obect shifts to the right, and when I close my left eye, the object goes to the left.
Does it mean that my both eyes are dominant, or neither one is? or what??
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