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Originally Posted by 10smonkey View Post
....and then having the "tennis Pro" "teach"a clinic of 16-20 high school mindless ball bashers on on court next to me

..and then complain about me when i complain
Yes, it's a sad state of affairs today. Most pro's today (not all) only care about you if you are putting money into their wallets. They have abdicated their responsibility to be helpful to ALL their club's members. This is short-sighted on their part because I will never take a lesson from one of them if they walk by me for years and never bother to say hello or acknowledge my existence at their club. I blame this on equally mindless and disinterested management/ownership who obviously have more money then brains and don't value mine or yours. As for the pro on the court next to yours, he is turning out the future crop of thoughtless yahoo tennis players who will be driving me to croquette one of these days--maybe they should just turn ye' ol' club into a skate-board park/medicinal marijuana dispensary.

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