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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
Why not? The U.S. college system gives scholarships to international students to play tennis. For some low ranked kid who has no chance of cracking his DC team, what the difference will it make?

What is the purpose of DC? It is an international competition of tennis between countries. Someone who is not a citizen, did not grow up in a country and does not currently reside there IMO should not be a representative of that country in international competitions. True it may not make any difference in the big picture" of outcomes since these are usually weak tennis countries, but it violates the spirit of the competition. If Indonesia plays a DC match against the Phillipines and their opponents are all US citizens that are basically Americans, that only show up in the Phillipines when there is a match, did Indonesia really play the Phillipines or a low level American squad? Is that really a match between 2 countries or a match between one country and basically foreign mercenaries?

US college competition is between colleges. Citizenship is irrelevant. International students have been in the US basically for its entire history. I don't see how having foreign students on scholarship is any way related.

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