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I have no problem with net cords. Even if it were on purpose: good for you for being able to hit it when you want. If it's not on purpose, seems silly to apologize.

mine are:

-don't close the door
-don't call out score
-don't look at player across from them before feeding or serving a ball
-don't call out or give a sign on close bounces, which leaves me wondering what the score is
-when rallying, walk over and pick up one ball but leave the other 2 right next to it
-when rallying, they keep feeding ball after ball without giving me the chance so suddenly they are out of balls and I have pockets full that are pulling my shorts off
-stopping the rallying to go pick up balls even though I still have three in my hand and pocketfuls
-serving without getting 2 balls first
-interrupting me between first and second serve without a good reason (i.e. moving a ball posing a danger)
-questioning the score while I'm in the middle of my service motion, and then not giving me a let despite talking while I'm serving
-people in too much of a hurry to warm up and just want to immediately start a set
-dirty courts that make my tennis equipment filthy and wear out faster
-every questionable serve being played as a let
-people who hit my balls out of the court and then come back with some old, bald, flat ball instead

Ahhh, feels good to get it all out
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