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Originally Posted by catfish View Post
As a Player: People who won't set up a doubles match or reciprocate for those who do set up matches. They just sit back and wait for someone else to do it.

As a player: People who dilly-dally (as someone else mentioned).

As a captain: Players who won't respond to emails, even when they are told that I don't have time to make individual phone calls. Invariably, they complain about their lack of playing time after the season.

As a league coordinator: Captains who refuse to read any rules or informational emails because they believe that the league coordinator is their personal 24/7 question answering service. And they expect their emails to be answered within 10 minutes no matter what. If they don't get a response in 30 minutes they start emailing the District.

As a league coordinator: Captains who send an email asking the LC a question but don't identify themselves, their league or level. Their email address has a first name only and they sign the email with initials. Do they really think that the LC knows 500 captains by their initials?
On #3, I would set up a facebook group. Much easier to keep track of things and players can refer back to it. We did it and eliminated a lot of problems.
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