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Originally Posted by SOY78 View Post
My pet peeve is I always have one ball in the pocket even when returning serve, because some of my opponents are like Sampras and have only one ball when serving 1st serve and when it is a fault they just stand there waiting for the ghost ball ball girl to give them the ball. That really ****es me off sometimes.
When I serve I only use one ball and do not keep another ball in my pocket. It is on purpose and is not a tactic to stall or harass my opponent.

The reason I do this is I tend to rush my second serve if I don't. If I take the time to go retrieve a ball from the fence or the net, I actually come back to the line with a "fresh" mindset. It basically allows me to refocus.

That being said... I do not stall with this tactic. On my serve I am pretty meticulous about making sure the rest of the balls are next to the backstop/fence as close to me as possible.

Get the ball. Step right up to the line. Glance to make sure opponent is ready. 3-bounce then toss and serve.

It's just easier for me to refocus by taking a 5 second trip than to stand in the same spot in the batter's box.

And since I am nowhere near taking long enough for a time violation, I haven't had a single complaint.
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