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Did you see there are now over 1,500 former NFL players jumping on the bandwagon to sue the NFL? These guys act like they had no idea it was a dangerous sport to go into. They got paid handsomely, blew all that money, and now want the NFL to pay them again? The NFL is gonna see a huge dropoff in popularity IMO because they are gonna legislate all the hits out of the game to protect themselves from these bogus lawsuits. All the rules are set up to protect the offensive players and to put up more points while the defensive players are expected to gently tackle a 6'7" TE going over the middle. Thats not what made the NFL king.

I agree that the lawsuit is bogus, but much of the knowledge we have about how dangerous the game is, particularly in brain trauma, has only come recently. I don't think the NFL ever tried to actively cover up the ramifications of concussions, but there was true ignorance throughout the league and the medical community as to what constituted concussion and what the long-term effects of concussion could be.

As a side note, many of the early NFL players (pre-1980s strike) were not paid all that handsomely nor were they taken care of the way more modern players were. Hell, many players today aren't making millions.
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