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Originally Posted by Marcus2137 View Post
-when rallying, walk over and pick up one ball but leave the other 2 right next to it
-when rallying, they keep feeding ball after ball without giving me the chance so suddenly they are out of balls and I have pockets full that are pulling my shorts off
-stopping the rallying to go pick up balls even though I still have three in my hand and pocketfuls
Boy, we would have a hard time rallying!

If we are rallying and I run up to the net or to the side fence, I will pick up whatever balls are near me, even if you have three in your pocket. I'm right there, why not?

If we are rallying and you need to clear a ball, I will also clear a ball if I can do so in the time it will take you to clear one. This seems to annoy my practice partner no end.

I may stop rallying when you have three in your pockets. I cannot always clearly discern what you have in your pockets. I will know if you will hurry up and pull one out and feed it.

I do sometimes feed a ball before my practice partner is ready. What I can't figure is why she isn't ready. Do we need to do all of the self-flagellation because she missed a shot? How am I supposed to know you're not ready because you need to fix your wedgie?
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