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Originally Posted by CMSlam View Post
When I serve I only use one ball and do not keep another ball in my pocket. It is on purpose and is not a tactic to stall or harass my opponent.

The reason I do this is I tend to rush my second serve if I don't. If I take the time to go retrieve a ball from the fence or the net, I actually come back to the line with a "fresh" mindset. It basically allows me to refocus.

That being said... I do not stall with this tactic. On my serve I am pretty meticulous about making sure the rest of the balls are next to the backstop/fence as close to me as possible.

Get the ball. Step right up to the line. Glance to make sure opponent is ready. 3-bounce then toss and serve.

It's just easier for me to refocus by taking a 5 second trip than to stand in the same spot in the batter's box.

And since I am nowhere near taking long enough for a time violation, I haven't had a single complaint.
It's good that you're considerate, it's the ones who take a long time between their first and second serves that annoys me,
also people running to collect a ball and hit it back to my side of the court between my 1st and 2nd serve.

Less specifically and probably not a pet peeve, is the huge amount of variables surrounding the technology;
ball types, surfaces, 100s of strings at indiscriminate tensions, HYBRIDS ffs, head sizes, LEAD TAPE, beam thicknesses, stiffnesses to name a few,
all playing on your mind after a loss etc.
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