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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the rule said the server had to serve the second serve "promptly."

I think having my opponent step up to serve without a second ball in her pocket would drive me insane. I mean, say your serve goes long and I let it go to the fence behind me. You don't have a ball. You mean I have to send a ball to you so you can hit your second serve?

Man, that is a huge cumulative dilly-dally, and I think it would cause a lot of people to freak completely out.
Not at all. If I serve long, I go grab another ball from behind me.
Its not the same as have a ball/ not have a ball.
It's have a ball in my pocket, or have it five steps away sitting on the ground.

What if I hit the net on that serve and it stays on my side. Usually the ball rests in the middle of my court when this happens? If that happens, I usually clear my side by getting that one and using it again. Same fives steps. So the definition of "promptly" in the rules would have to incorporate that situation.

And the cumulative dilly-dally works both ways. I play punctual on everything. So I guess my opponent doesn't feel like I'm trying to slow down the tempo. If I had to say anything, I almost always am ready before my opponents.

And I would have to say that if an opponent really complained about it I would probably shrug and pocket the second ball. I just haven't had a single complaint yet.
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