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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
Most of them had substance abuse issues more related to pain killers than performance enhancers. Also blaming roids for this doesnt work at all. Seau had mental health issues that will probably slowly come to the public eye now.

People shouldnt go on a crusade about something they have no knowledge about. I suggest you watch the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster about performance enhancers than decide if you really feel they are killing athletes.

I am not just talking about the Seau death, I am talking about the "safety" of the players and the possible side effects these drugs have on them years after they have stopped playing. . The size and speed of many of the players is enhanced by performance enhancing drugs and if you dont believe that, then you are as blind as the people running baseball were when they acted like they didnt know over half their players were cheating.
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