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Originally Posted by tennismonster View Post
...Nishikori was a bollettieri kid also, or to my knowledge trains there...playing for Japan
I like your logic.
I would like it even more for a kid like Maria Sharapova or Tommy Haas, whose nationalities are Russian and German, but let's be honest, they've been Florida kids for most of their lives.

Nishikori, too, but I feel he is Japanese. He still has the accent. I think accent governs it all, !
I can fake a French accent really well. Unfortunately, I would never have made their Davis Cup team. Maybe Martinique or Tahiti, haha.

Well, to each his own. As a college player who played some circuits, I totally see why they just want to play SOME Davis Cup or Olympics.

I also feel it's odd how one country's foreigners are better than another's haha. Or one college's European and South American players are better than another's European and South American players.
It's like the Dominican dudes on one MLB team are better than the Dominican dudes on the other. Different, of course...that's not nationalities, that's a professional league based in the US.

But that doesn't stop me from thinking it's funny. Like when a corporate softball team has a 'shippin' clerk who played AAA baseball, ahha.
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