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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Not the same thing. If you come to this country and train and then go play for your home country. That is fine.

Martina and Huber both are US citizens and have live here for a long time. If you move to another country, become a citizen there, you have the right to represent it.

If you are born here and raised here, you do not reside in the country you are representing and are not a citizen there then why are you representing them?
If his parents were citizens of another country and he was born in the US, he is a dual citizen. Just like if an American couple moves overseas maintaining American citizenship, then has a child in a foreign country. The kid has dual citizenship at birth. Maybe even triple if each parent was a citizen of separate countries. As I recall from high school social studies.

As long as the paperwork is kept up with and taxes paid dually, it's legal. Not sure what the beef is with having him choose the DC Cup team where he can have an impact. To each their own IMO.

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