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I've been on the board since pre-2004 but don't post all that regularly. I wish people would have some common courtesy when requesting picture after picture of items you have for sale and actually respond after you email what they requested. A simple "I'm not interested" would suffice. There have been several people who have put me through the ringer with situations like these lately.

A second situation which I despise is when people ask for a $2 or $4 discount on a very fairly priced frame. I was selling a frame for $32 which after shipping and paypal fees netted me $20. Someone e-mailed me asking if I'd take $28 for it. I can see negotiating on some frames, but if you are going to request 12.5% off a ridiculously low priced players frame (priced according to condition), maybe pick up another sport in which playing doesnt cost at least $5 each time (string wear and tear, shoe wear and tear, court costs, new can of balls, etc.). End of Rant
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