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Originally Posted by JLyon View Post
Really so the coach should take players then that guarantee that the team finishes last every year in the Pac-12 or never have a chance to be competitive against Stanford, USC, UCLA, etc... I also guarantee you would careless if she got fired because her team could not compete year in and year out.
Coaches are paid to win so if she can not get a Top 50 or so girl to come play then she must look for the best talent out there regardless of nationality.
Yikes. Did you respond to anything I actually said or just your inferences? I said she sounds like she is rationalizing and enabling her desire to not find and recruit great American players who may be able to help her program but don't reside in the five star strata. They are certainly out there but she obviously prefers to recruit a few Americans out of her league, get rejected and go international.
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