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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Anyone else tried Dogfish Sah'Tea? Another one of their ancient beers based on 9th or 10th century Finnish brew. I had one on tap the other night and it reminded me of Midas Touch. Lots of herbal/banana notes, almost Belgian in style (has that Belgian yeast taste) and very drinkable.
I tried it and was not a huge fan, but circumstances were less than ideal for a proper tasting--it was sandwiched between some other hoppier beers. I find that anything funky or any beer brewed with a Belgian yeast strain really needs to stand alone, and sometimes you need to warm them up to really figure out what's going on.

New Belgium also has a "Sahti". The juniper kind of throws you for a loop if you're not expecting it. There are some other beers brewed with ginger that have a similar twist to them. Craggie's Antebellum Ale has ginger and spruce tips. Lazy Magnolia makes "Ginger Jaque", also a rye beer with ginger in it. I believe before and during the Civil War, southern brewers used a lot molasses, ginger, and spruce tips.

To me, these beers are kind of an interesting look back to the Gruit era in beer making that preceded the use of hops.
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