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Originally Posted by Milan View Post
Nadal was coached by his Uncle, an ex Professional.

Federer had a private coach (NOT federation).

Roddick had Benhabiles

Blake had Same coach from 8 (Private Coach)

Djokovic was at Academy doing Private work with Niki Pilic

Sampras had Private Coach

Nick Bolletieri privately coached Andre at his Academy, a direct competitor to USTA.

Name me any players the USTA have produced???? NONE. Not 1.
I can also give you a much longer list of players who were coached by their parents. Some of your points above are false: Federer did train at a national centre; Agassi's first coach was his father, etc., etc.

This might come as a shock to you, but the tennis world doesn't start and end with the US.

You should state your vested interest when you come on in a thread and write obvious untruths.
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