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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
His blitzes never surprised me, but I'm shocked to hear about his passing
I get it, maybe a little too soon. But I get it

Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Three things: Football players (unlike baseball and tennis) retire much, much earlier and therefore the retirement is more a drastic life interuption. Second, in the US they have a much bigger ego buildup in HS and college than baseball and tennis players do (therefore contributing to bigger let down). Cheerleaders at college baseball games and tennis matches? ummm, no.... Lastly, I would argue that football selects for a different calibre of individual, perhaps an individual much less equipped to deal with the issues discussed here than the average tennis player or baseball player, not that they are all thoughtful individuals. I agree about the selection for aggressiveness and head trauma.
Plus in baseball there are more ways to stay involved in the game. Every team had at least minor league affilites and if you wanted to go down the coaching or scouting roads they are there.

Most football players do not get to end thier career on thier own terms. They show up to camp and get told they are cut and some guy is taking over.

Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
So a sport like baseball had a HUGE problem with PEDs but a sport like football where size and speed enhancement would help even more doesnt have any problem at all? Amazing if you believe that.
In the NFL you can get suspended for 4 games in a season and win the defensive player of the year award in that same year. They dont care about PEDs until the public makes it an issue. But the NFL has the common fans so into the hard hits and galiator type stuff nobody seems to mind.

Players can get suspended for a game for a illegal hard hit but then the NFL will include that hit in an end of year hard hits video you can purchase.
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